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Article by George Adams

RULING TO HOLD ELEVENS INTACT - By George Adams "A rule which will have a great effect in strengthening Sunday football in the tri-cities was decided at a meeting of managers held at the Rock Island house last night. The rule prevents players from jumping from one team to another, which means that the teams as they are now organized will remain intact for the remainder of the season. The agreement was signed by Manager Flanigan of the Rock Island Independents and Manager McCormack of the Davenport Athletic Club. Although Manager Kemmerling of the Moline Indians was not present to sign the agreement, he is said to be in favor of the ruling. Tri-city teams in the past, both this season and former year have been crippled by players jumping from one team to another. If a change is made it must be agreeable to the management of both teams."



Rock Island Argus - 10/26 - 1916

Week 3 1924 Standings - R.I. Argus 10-10-1924

Rock Island Argus 10-10-1924

Article by Ed Carl -

SHOULD STOP BUYING STARS - By Ed Carl "The chief factor in undermining the Rock Island-Moline Indians was the Rock Island, the Davenport and Moline clubs who should be criticized for “commercializing” the grid game. It is a known fact that Wright, Magerkurth and other stars are receiving certain amounts for playing each Sunday and are paid after each game. Some of them are said to receive as high as $25 per game. A Moline player who goes to Davenport to perform, or any other star in another town, cannot be expected to retain that fighting spirit that he would show for his home club. In former years teams were organized and the players would split the earnings at the end of the season. In those days the main object of the players was to uphold the reputation of their team and city. This so-called commercializing of the game will eventually kill the independent sport if it is kept up."


Rock Island Argus 10/20 - 1916

R.I. Argus 11/11/19

Rock Island Argus 11/11/1919

Article by Bruce Copeland

'SPECS' ROUTED - By Bruce Copeland "The ticket speculating expose as divulged yesterday by The Argus seems to have been taken seriously by the alleged promoters. Failure of any one fan to report such discrepancy was taken today to indicate that the premeditated cleanup has been thwarted successfully. However, the Independent management will be on the lookout for and such infraction of the Rock Island civil code and with the law at its back, the club will be in readiness to prosecute any persons whom they detect in the act of exalting more than the standard admission fees from the public. Tri-city fans are still warned not to patronize speculators who might have eluded detection and who might be playing their pernicious trade from under cover. It should be borne in mind that all tickets discovered sold from these sources will be revoked at the gate and the holders barred from the grounds."


Rock Island Argus 11/5 - 1920