Walt Brindley 

Walter C. Brindley
Position: HB/QB
Height: 5' 10'' Weight: 180
Born: 5/24/1895, IA, USA
High School: West (Des Moines, IA)

College: Drake University

RII:1916, 1917

High School Walt Brindley was voted high school All-Iowa quarterback in 1914 - DesMoines Star

Walt Brindley - 1921 Program

Crop from 1921 Independents Program - Submitted by Mark Schneider

Walt Brindley played halfback for the Independents in 1916

"Big Fish has landed and the sucess of the Rock Island Independents for the season of 1917 is assured", read the article in the Rock Island Argus on September 7th, 1917. Manager of the Davenport Athletic Club Red Wolters was reported to have offered Brindley a contract for the 1917 season. Credit has to be given to Manager Flanigan for running an orgainization that impresses such high quality players. The contract offered by Davenport was rumored to include all moving expenses, $35 per game, and a job in the area paying $100 per month. After signing with the Independents he addressed the reporters and admitted the Davenport offer was tempting but he had this to say about the team, "their efforts to commericalize the game does not meet with my approval, I play football for the love of the sport and like to play with a team that loves the sport, not a team that is playing merely because the players are well paid. This is the reason I signed with Rock Island, and that the local eleven plays for the sport there is in it. The earnings are divided at the end of the season and each player shares equally, as they should. It puts every player on an equal basis and develops the team spirit. I like Rock Island and I like the players on the team here".

Carl Ed. Rock Island Argus 9/7/1917