Roy Salzmann 

Roy Lewis Salzmann
Position: RB
Height: ' '' Weight: 207
Born: 12,26,1892

RII: 1912, 1913, 1914

*1918 In Service


Roy Salzmann -

1912 - Started 7 games at left tackle. In the first game when the Independents moved the ball near the goalline. Salsmann was moved to half back and scored the first touchdown of the season. I scored proved to be the game winning touchdown as the Independents held on to beat the Moline Illini 6-0.

1913 - Played for the Independents

1914 - Played for the Independents

1918 - Reports are that he ws killed in action during World War I - Looking for confirmation.


1913 Photo - Provided by Blake McHatton

Crop from 1913 Photo - Provided by Blake McHatton