Jimmy Conzelman 

James Conzelman
Position: EHB/FB/HB/QB
Height: 6' 0'' Weight: 175
3/6/1898 , in St. Louis , MO , USA
High School: McKinley (St. Louis, MO)
College: Washington University in St. Louis

RII: 1921,1922

Coached RII:1921 (Part of Year), 1922

Photo of Jimmy Conzelman tribute located at University of Phoenix Stadium in Glendale Arizona

Photo from the Arizona Cardinals stadium in Arizona - 2010

Notes on Jimmy Conzelman's time in Rock Island

Born in St.Louis Missouri in 1898. Jimmy joined and played for the Navy in 1917. He played with George Halas on the famous Great Lakes team which won the Rose Bowl in January of 1919. In 1920 he played with George Halas on his Decatur Staley team in the newly formed professional football league.

In 1921 Conzelman joined the Independents and during his 3rd  game  with the team he named coach. Walter Flanigan sent in a sub who ran onto the field and told Jimmy, “You are now the coach – at no increase of pay”. The team went on to finish 5-1-1 with Jimmy leading the way.

At age 23 Jimmy was one of the youngest head coaches every to coach in the league. Jimmy later went on to coach the 1947 Chicago Cardinals to their 2nd World Championship. He was inducted into the Hall of Fame in 1964.

Information was found on microfilm scans at the Pro Football Hall of Fame and from articles in the Rock Island Argus found at the Rock Island Historical Society in 2014.