Arnie Wyman 

Arnold  Douglas Wyman
Position: FB/HB
Height: 5' 11'' Weight: 172
8/20/1895 , in Minneapolis , MN , USA

Died: 3/4/1961

High School: Johnson (St. Paul, MN)
College: University of Minnesota

RII: 1920


Wyman, great Minnesota University star in 1916 and co-star in the "Wyman to Baston" combination, has been signed by the Rock Island Independents and will be out in a uniform for the game Sunday. Wyman's great work with Hammond against Canton last year will be remembered. Wyman's addition to the backfield makes the double set of backs of the highest type of efficiency. Couch Ursella faces only he task of choosing between men for the four that will start the Sunday battles. The Daily Times - Davenport 10/1/1920 - Death info 5/20/2015