Walter Flanigan - The new manager took over in 1915. The opening game was against the friendly 900 Block team. Next was a tie with the rival Red Men of Moline. Things seemed normal for the Independents until the 3rd game when Dubuque sent their second or "road" squad to Rock Island for a game. This was kind of an embarrassment for the team as they had to defend the fact that they played such a weak opponent. To make things worse, week 4 had an Aurora team that had just lost to a bad Rockford A.A.C. team 53 - 3. Flanigan refused to schedule teams that would not post a guarantee, meaning he didn't want a team not showing up and having nobody to play. The Davenport Independents refusal of posting a guarantee had been the reason he had to Schedule the Dubuque team in the first place.


Open Dates - Flanigan still needed to find some teams to fill out the schedule as of the 4th week of the season, he had heard nothing back from Cabery, Taylorville, Rockford Badgers, Rockford A.A.C., Evanston, Spring Valley and Peoria. Some of the teams wanted games but wanted the Independents to travel. Flanigan was unwilling to travel out of the area due to expense.

Season Ends - The opponents the rest of the way didn't do much for attendance. The Independents went 6-1 but other than the rival Red Men, the Independents didn't play any teams to gain any regional attention. They were able to tie the Red Men once but then lost the second game to lose the series or any claims on the state title.

Source -Rock Island Argus October 26th, 1915

Practices - Team was often seen at the 25th street playground practicing under arc lights. Practices were held 3 times per week.

Source -Rock Island Argus November 9th, 1915

These Independents Have Played Their Last Game - At the year end banquet it will be announced that the Rock Island Independents are going to call it quits and not re-organize in 1916. Walter Flanigan has announced he will not manage the team should it be put back together. Many of the veteran starters plan on moving on to post football careers. Art Salzmann, Roy Salzmann, Ted Davenport, Loyal Robb, Fats Smith, and R.C.Cook have all announced they are done with football. Cliff Chandler has decided to attend Palmer School of Chiropractic in Davenport. Murphy and Holm both live in Davenport. Pat Sexton, Louis Kolls, Benson, Brandt and Bredimus plan on remaining in Rock Island, all are open to playing next year